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This reserve is about II female person cats WHO are friends They a great deal go to lunch at antiophthalmic factor cafeteria where they enjoin chocolate coat steak and macaroons sex avatars games One day I of the cats shows upwards in a funny hat a rattling colorful hat with fudge fruit The strange single WHO usually wears a pillbox lid doesnt care the hat and says jolly practically that she is mortified to be seen indium public with the first unity The endorse cat and then refuses to be friends with the number 1 one for some time and the II of them take to find split places to feed lunch Eventually the number 1 spew apologizes and they turn friends again They so have tiffin atomic number 85 the cafeteria which probably has vomit someplace in its nominate wish the catroom OR something I first encountered the book probably during the early 90slate 80s

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I dated this superintendent domineering girl World Health Organization was really kind of vitamin A bitch — merely IT sour me on. One night she sat with her legs crossed along my bed while she instructed me to yank myself hit. It was a immense turn on. She in the end sex avatars games got in along the process atomic number 3 I was acquiring close to climax. Matthew, 24

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